The Fun Bit


In a perfect world, creative people would all have patrons, they would all have studio space, food and bills to pay, no tv to watch, no distractions.  They would wake up, scratch their heads, scratch their bottoms, eat some breakfast and then open the door to their studio. They would then create beautiful imagery all day long. Oh to live like this....

Then reality steps in, the bills keep coming, the house needs fixing and real life needs feeding.  So, if you have read this far and you want own one of my prints, you will feed my life,  you will allow me to scratch my bottom and you will allow me to create beautiful imagery.

There is no pricing schedule, you can ask for any size print with a maximum width of 24 inches.  Some of the images are square therefore will be 24” x 24”... the longer images approximately 24” x 36”... I do not charge less for smaller prints as they are just as special as large ones.  Should you desire anything larger than this, we can talk, but for now I am keeping it very simple.

Each image is printed by myself using archival paper and inks and comes with my own personal guarantee of quality.  It will be signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  I shall be keeping a register, of those that may have missed out on securing a print of any edition. Should you ever want to sell your image, please let me know and I shall pass their details on to you.

There are two prices - for the images that will be printed 500 times,  they sell for $500 AUD each.  For the Tom’s Place series there will only be 100 of each produced and they sell for $1000 AUD per print.  Once you have decided, I shall print the image and securely deliver it to you.  I do ask that you take great care with the print as they do damage very easily with careless handling. I suggest you frame it immediately with someone who really knows how to handle art correctly....then, light it up and enjoy it...every time you walk past it.

It is simple, click on the email button below, talk to me and we can work it all out.  I will correspond with you directly, I like meeting new people.