My studio doors are open once again people,  send me an email by clicking on the link below and I shall contact you immediately to see how I can help.  My photographic sessions vary greatly in price, so I cannot discuss dollars here until I find out exactly what it is you want.

My father Joe Hensel, set up one of the first weightlifting gyms in my hometown.  Over many decades he trained tens of thousands of people from all walks of life.  Some went on to be both Commonwealth and Olympic champions, others.... well they just became healthier and stronger people.  The walls of Dad’s gym were covered with images of both bodybuilding and olympic champions and it these images that I remember so clearly. 

As a young skinny kid, I would look to these pictures and wonder what it must be like, to have such incredible muscularity..... sadly I never found out because I preferred motorbikes and girls.  But the memories of Dad’s gym burn brightly in my heart and shall do forever. 

Fast forward 20 years, I wanted to do an airbrush illustration of a muscular male torso and needed some reference pictures.  I called my cousin Paul Haslam, who at the time was the current Mr Australia.  When Paul saw the shots he told me to pursue this, as they were the best shots he had ever had taken....  what followed was 10 great years of muscle photography, shooting the best the world had to offer. 

A change in career direction saw me move away from muscle photography and into publishing, a great move indeed.  But now... I’m Back!  I gave Lee Priest a call and asked if I could shoot him once more and we have created some amazing images together.   Some of which are on this page.  To work with such a professional is truly an amazing experience and it re-ignited the flame.

So, having read this far, I thank you for your time.  I hope the images below show the variety of imagery that I can create for you.


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my dad Joe

my very first muscle image of the great Paul Haslam