the Hensel Collection


Many years ago I had a dream, that one day I would be able to sell my imagery,  to hang on people’s walls.  My commercial years have taught me what sells, but for fine art sales you have to dig so much deeper...this is not a puppy with a flower nor a colourful bouquet.... this is my collection - the Hensel Collection. 

I can now offer for sale, archival reproductions of my art - both photographic and digital, the prices are set out in the dollars page, but for now I want you to take your time and see where I have been.  I am a nut for detail and quality and this is reflected in the prints.  The digitally created art  master files have all been rendered out to 10,000 pixels in size giving them the most amazing amount of fine detail in the final print.

The numbers of each edition shall vary depending on how I feel about the image  There are those amongst the collection that I shall do a very limited release of, so an early purchase is recommended to secure one of these images. 

With the purchase of each print comes a certificate of authenticity and my personal guarantee of quality.  I will not frame an image but I will recommend simple framing options...  Please be sure to let your framers know of the value of your print, this is very important. 

I shall be adding to this collection continuously so be sure to come back.  I also like to be challenged visually, email me and ask me to create something unique, my commercial years have  taught me to be open to new and unusual genres, who knows...something you may ask for might inspire me to head in directions I have never been.  I would like that.